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Why Most People Fail With Exercise!
Although many weight loss 'experts' disagree on which foods we should eat, they all agree that exercise is an essential requirement.

But still many people can't adhere to a regular exercise program so I've compiled a list of common mistakes people make when starting out.

1. Too Hard, Too Fast
You start out keen, you’re training every day, and every session hurts. You’re unstoppable.

Then you get an injury!

This happens all too often. If you haven’t exercised for a while, start with 3 days per week. Make sure the sessions are light to start with. Give yourself 2 weeks to get used to exercising again, then pump up the intensity!

2. Unrealistic Goals
You’ve trained your butt off all week. You jump on the scales and you haven’t lost any weight. Or even worse, you’ve put it on! How could that happen? You’ve seen those people on the Jenny Craig ads and they lose 6kg a week!

Everyone is different. Some people lose weight from week 1, others will battle for a few weeks. Just remember that it’s a long-term goal you’re setting not a short-term. Aim to lose an average of 0.5kg-1kg per week over your set time-frame (at least 3-6 months) and you can’t go wrong.

A better way to measure your results is with a tape measure!

3. Boredom
Some people just find exercise boring. If that’s you then you have to make sure that you place a lot of variety in your exercise regime. It could be using different equipment, walking a different course, or training with different people.

Exercise won’t be boring if you use your imagination.

Why not try:

Having a few shots with a basketball/netball

Kicking a football

Walking through the bush

Water sports such as kayaking, sailing, or canoeing

Karate or Tai Chi
4. No Confidence
Many people stop because they lose confidence in what they’re doing. They’ve been exercising for a few weeks, they can’t see any difference, so they think that they’re doing it wrong.

Know this: If you exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, you will improve your health! The amount of weight you lose will depend on the intensity of your exercise and what you’re eating.

5. Not Accountable
You need to make yourself accountable otherwise it’s too easy to just give up. Tell everyone what you’re trying to achieve. Let them know that you need to exercise every day. It’ll make it a lot harder to give up!

Published Sunday, 29 January 2006 4:59 PM by Ray Kelly
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